powerful cats


Cats With Auras Too Powerful For This World

There's a reason we treat cats and kittens like kings and queens even if we don't all know it. Within them, cats hold insurmountable power. They just keep it hidden. They can't allow us to know the true strength that they hold because we may be too intimidated. 

Their power hides behind softness and purring and kneading, but sometimes, in true moments of rarity, we get a glimpse into the true Power of Cat. The following pictures may blind you with their aura, so we must caution you. Look at them at your own risk. And if you feel overwhelmed, here's some wholesome pictures of cats cuddling each other to calm you down. 

pictures of cats looking powerful cats with powerful auras thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat standing in the middle of rainbow lights screaming and another of a cat on its back legs reaching up with strong sunshine behind it
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