Cats Leaving Their Paw Marks Throughout History Thread Goes Viral

You know how cats always go to places they shouldn't go to, always sit where they shouldn't, always act like absolute hooligans? Yeah, they've always done that. Apparently, all throughout history, cats have been walking around in important places, on important documents, leaving their kitty paw marks, and now, we have proof.

A twitter thread by the user @DannyDutch who collected all the pieces of evidence of how cats have been walking over our things for over 4,000 years has gone vial. People added their own pictures to the thread as well, and we found another few. Some other users also gave their own purrfect additions, showing that cats are still leaving their marks to this day. 

twitter thread plus tweets of cats leaving their paw prints in important places throughout history thumbnail includes two pictures of two different open books with cat paw prints on them
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