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Striking Microscopic Insect Photography By Pavan Kumar

Talented photographer, Pavan Kumar, is able to capture what one might consider impossible... the beauty of insects. For many people, insects just make us feel squeamish. It's a fair assumption to say many people just don't like bugs. At all. And truth be told, I am one of those people. 

Yet, Pavan Kumar has somehow taken these mesmerizing images with such striking colors, you can't help but stop and marble at the beauty that is obviously there. It's a beauty you can't see until you see it. 

We had the opportunity to ask Kavan the simple question, "Why bugs?" Out of everything in the world to photograph, why these tiny creatures most don't care about? Pavan Kumar responded saying, "Insects are the most ignored creatures, thanks to their size. We see colourful birds, elephants, tigers, and lions in wallpapers and HD image galleries, but none of the insects! They're amazing creatures too. They look beautiful too. Let's show the world what is seldom seen!"

Pavan Kumar has accomplished just that, showing the world what is seldomly seen. See more of Pavan Kumar's insanely beautiful photographs on his Instagram

colorful and beautiful insect photographs from photographer pavan kumar - thumbnail includes two images one of a colorful spider and one of a colorful fly
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