Fostering A Homeless And Sick Miniature Puppy (Viral Twitter Thread)

Everyone, meet George. He's a 10-week-old miniature puppy who was homeless and had parvo, and now, he has a forever home. This adorable pupper is a fighter, having survived despite it being unclear whether he would or not. And not only that, but he has also stolen the hearts of tens of thousands of twitter users. 

His owner, @molly_knight, didn't know whether she was ready to adopt another dog after her previous one passed, but we are so, so glad that she did and that she managed to help save this adorable puppy. Her story is heartwarming, tear-jerking, and inspiring. It's the kind of story we wish to hear more, so if you have some of your own pet stories to share, come join us in our Facebook community - ICanHas Storytime.

viral twitter thread about a sick miniature puppy getting adopted thumbnail includes two pictures of a miniature puppy and a tweet 'Dog breed - Molly Knight @molly knight I have news. This is George. He's 10 week old miniature pinscher mix. He was homeless and had parvo. I agreed to foster him two weeks ago. And now he is my dog. 11:35 PM Jan 18, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 2.8K Retweets 580 Quote Tweets 98.3K Likes'
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