Photographer Captures An Incredible Photo Demonstrating Every Move of an Osprey in Mid-Hunt Dive

Photographer Chen Chengguang (aka Joinus12345) is known for his stunning bird photography, which he shares with his followers on Instagram. But recently, one of his photos went viral. It was an amazing photo demonstrating every majestic move of an osprey diving for a hunt. 

Ospreys are powerful birds of prey known for their fishing abilities. Diving down from up to 100 feet in the air, they expertly use their claws to pluck their meals from water. Their athletic abilities make them popular with wildlife photographers, but Chen, in particular, is using a Victorian technique called chronophotography to demonstrate their power.  Made popular in the mid-19th century, chronophotography is a technique in which movement is captured in several frames and then either laid side by side or placed in one frame to demonstrate motion. By returning to the ancient technique, Chen allows viewers to take in every detail of the hunting osprey. 

osprey in a prey mid dive | a bird with a light colored head and dark wings folding its wings as it dives into a body of water to catch prey
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