Cat Meme Legend, "Longcat" Has Passed Away At Age 18

Most of you have seen the longcat meme but not everyone knows who the longcat is. 

Longcat, who's real name is Shiro-chan, but is referenced to as "Nobiko," the Japanese translated of "longcat." Shiro-chan took the internet by storm in 2006. Shiro-chan rose to fame when an image of the white feline reportedly stood at 65cm from head to toe. Eventually, Shiro-chan came to be known as Longcat, according to Know Your Meme

The news of Nobikos passing comes for a Hong Kong Journalist, Kris Cheng, who has written articles for The Washing Post. According to Shiro-chan's owner, they discovered the feline at home being very lethargic and was taken to the vet immediately. Sadly, Shiro-chan was too ill to undergo any X-Rays and just a few hours later, passed away. Shiro-chan's owners are coping with the loss as best they can, and so is the internet who are mourning the meme legendary.

RIP, Shiro-chan. We'll miss you and your extraordinary length.  Say "hi" to Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, for the world. 

tribute to the legendary longcat meme who passed away at age 18 - thumbnail of longcat and the meme that made longcat famous
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