monkey day


Celebrating Monkey Day With Awwdorable Monkey Pics

It's monkey day, and that means it's time to celebrate all of these little chimpions! They're cute, they're fluffy, and they're incredibly human-like sometimes. We love them just as much as we love all animals, and since today is their day, we're dedicating for them a collection of the most adorable monkey pictures we could find. 

Monkeys come in all shapes and sizes, that's true, from tiny finger-sized monkeys to large monkeys that might even reach your height, but these monkeys are mostly small and rare. And extra adorable. You might even be surprised by how cute they are and by how much you would want to own one. 

So, enjoy monkey day, dear animal lovers, and may the chimps fall in your favor!

pictures of cute monkeys for monkey day thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny white-ish monkey on a branch and another of a colorful monkey smiling at the camera
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