"Milk And Mocha Bear" Comics Are The Heckin' Cutest

Awweeee! Just when you think you've seen the cute of the cute, you stumble upon this wholesome comic series and it just punches you in the gut with mega-ultra-cuteness that you're left stunned for a minute. 

That's 'Milk and Mocha Bear'! The wholesome bear duo, Milk, what appears to be a polar bear and Mocha, a brown bear, are the best of friends and compliment each others personalities. When users asked the artist "why is milk so cute?" The artist responded, "I was born that way." And another user continued to ask, "why is the brown bear always sad or confused?" The artist wrote, "...I can get angry too."

The talented Indonesian artist obviously uses both Milk and Mocha to express themselves in a delightful form that charms thousands! 

Get ready for some mega cuteness! 

funny cute comics wholesome uplifting bears milk mocha aww cuteness friendship art artist | FALL BE THERE CATCH NEVERMIND. milkmochabear art drawing two cute bears swinging together with one of them falling off to the ground
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