Sea Turtles In Greece Are Thriving With Slow Tourism

At least the world still seems to be healing! 

In Greece, there is one area that is the most important nesting site for loggerhead turtles that live in the Mediterranean, and that is the beaches of Zakynthos. And thanks to this global crisis, there has never been such slow tourism as there is this summer. 

One thing we can continuously be grateful for is the animals who now have a window to thrive and lay their eggs in peace. 

Like many other popular tourist places, the beaches of Zakynthos are experiencing a rare moment of calm and that calmness has lead to a peak of the egg-laying season for Loggerhead turtles. 

Head of the Zakynthos program for the protection of loggerhead turtles. Charikleia Minotou, had this to say about the beautiful moment, "This is an opportunity for the turtles to return at their own pace, to fall in love, mate and give birth on the beaches, as dictated by their biology. The long-term impact of the current conditions, however, will only become apparent over time."

She also added that she hopes these two months of peace for the turtles don't "end up being a footnote in the story of the loggerhead turtles on the island."

We certainly hope so, too! 

Story via Telegraph

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