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Unrecognizable And Amazing Medieval Animal Paintings (Twitter Thread)

These medieval paintings of animals will never get old, and there are always new ridiculous paintings to discover! Last time, it was revealed to the world that paintings, during the Medieval Ages, were filled with cats licking their own butts

No, we are not kidding. It's totally a real thing and we don't know why. And now, thanks to Twitter user, @DannyDutch, we have new Medieval art to gawk and obsess over. A thread of medieval paintings of animals that look nothing like the animals they are supposed to be. Why? Because the artists themselves have never seen these animals before, and are going off of descriptions of said animal. 

Reminds us of how we picture dinosaurs today. Who knows, we could be terribly off when it comes to the prehistoric giants. 

Why medieval animal painting is your favorite? We slightly intrigued and afraid of the beaver. 

twitter thread of medieval animal paintings that look nothing like the animal | Daniel Holland @DannyDutch thread medieval paintings animals look nothing like real animals because artist had never seen them. Starting with Oyster | This Owl with human face
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