Marvel At The Canadian Marble (Foxes)

When it comes to foxes, it's no secret that we're in love with them. All foxes, from red foxes to arctic foxes and all the foxes in-between. They are so heckin' adorable and we believe we understand the fox obsession. Think about it, they sort of look like bigger cats yet act like dogs. They pant, they play fetch, they're communicative. They also have a cat-like tendency to them as well, the way they sleep, the way they walk on their toes, very elegant cat-like tread. Or how about the fact that they are the only members of the dog family that can climb trees?

Foxes are truly a hybrid of both cats and dogs. The Canadian Marble fox is a unique one, with gorgeous black and white markings that almost make the animal look like a mythical creature or unreal. However, this exotic animal is real and they stem from the canine family. Marble foxes, unlike wolves, tend to hunt alone. These gorgeous animals are so lovely to look at, we only wish there were more photos of these beauties around to marvel at! 

appreciation gallery for the canadian marble fox - thumbnail of canadian marble fox and baby fox
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classics cooling explanation harbls just marble on rhyme tabby - 6041701120
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just koolin mah harbles on dah marbles

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