Stunning And Colorful Mantises (12 Images)

We don't know about you but when we think of a mantis, the classic green mantis comes to mind. Who in the world knew they could come in such a vast variety of colors, and stunning colors at that? To say we're stunned is an understatement -- mantis are beautiful! 

Bugs are usually something we claim to be beautiful, but they have surprised us in the past! We're just attracted to unusual colors on things we've already decided on how they look. Which is usually brown and not so pleasant to look at. Turns out, there are more colors to little insects than we could ever imagine there would be.

We're not saying we're totally obsessed with insects now but we do appreciate their beauty!

stunning images of colorful mantises - thumbnail includes two images of colorful mantises, one of a pastel rainbow and one like a starry sky
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