Reddit User Befriends Crows Who In Turn Help By Getting Back At Bully Neighbors

Let's talk about crows for a moment. Most people don't tend to like birds that much, and some people even think of them as bad omens. However, crows, ravens, magpies, the whole Corvus genus are extremely intelligent animals and because of that intelligence, they can be extremely vindictive and hold a grudge for a long time. 

Not only is it a bad idea to make an enemy with one of those birds, but there have been stories of those who treat them kindly and have been rewarded in return. Crows are incredible birds and we definitely don't want them as our enemies! If these stories have thought us anything, it seems beneficial to help out the crows because maybe, just maybe, they'll surprise you in a way you wouldn't expect. Truth be told, this kindness and request should of course be given to all animals, and just showing you there may be consequences to those who aren't as kind. 

One Reddit user, u/tempthethrowaway, has shared an amazing story of how befriending crows helped them deal with some unpleasant bully neighbors. Seems like it pays off to have some feathered friends in high places! 

crows get back at bully neighbors - thumbnail of story "Our building has a decent sized crow population. I've always liked them, so I decided to make friends. Spent some time doing research on them and their diets and went out and got some snacks that would be nutritious for them. Every couple of days I'd chop up some fruits and veggies and grains and take them out to their favorite tree in a little tupperware box. I'd pick it up later and it would be empty. It got to the point where they'd know
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