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Jenny Jinya's Addresses Orca Captivity In Newest Comic

Jenny Jinya's newest comic hits hard. Jinya draws about real issues that a majority of people shy away from because it's uncomfortable and heartbreaking to even think about. This artist takes those hardships that animals are facing and shines a light on them, in a way they can't really be ignored. 

Jinya's latest comic is about orca captivity, but it really is about animal captivity in the larger sense. In a tweet that shared the following comic, Jinya wrote, "If you were bored during the Corona Lockdowns, imagine how animals feel when they have to spend their whole lives like this."

Jenny is not scared to shy away from these painful issues and delivers the truth, as gut-wrenching as it may be. In hopes of changing this world, check out a variety of her powerful comics that have since featured elephants, dogs, black cats, birds, and more

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latest heartbreaking comic by artist jenny jinya all about orca captivity - thumbnail of orca remembering the sea and swimming freely with family | remember wild waves @JennyJinya and remember family and endless freedom
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