Sweet-Faced Kitten Finds Forever Home And Endless Love

Be still our hearts! This sweet-faced kitten is so gosh darn adorable, we're melting right where we stand. 

Meet Penelope Fern, a kitten born was a cleft lip who was found outside all alone. She was brought into Meow Village, an all-volunteer feral cat rescue organization located in Aurora, Oregon.

Meow Village told Love Meow, "A TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer spotted her while out trapping cats for spay and neuter. It was obvious that the kitten would need extra assessment. A few calls were made and she was in the arms of a Meow Village volunteer within hours."

After a nice, warm bath to get rid of the fleas, the sweet kitten was feeling better and soon dozed off into a peaceful sleep with a belly full of food. 

Selina, a volunteer at Meow Village told Love Meow, "This kitten has a loving sweet spirit. She eats and drinks just great, and it took no time for her to learn the litter box."

Next the kitten was taken to see a specialist about her condition and she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain), blindness, and ataxia (a neurological condition). It is likely more of her symptoms will appear as she ages and she will need special care because of it. However, Penelope is just as happy as any other cat and shows zero signs of suffering. 

Desirae, a staff member at the veterinary hospital, saw Penelope and fell madly in love with her.

Story via Love Meow

sweet-faced kitten with cleft lip and neurological issues finds forever loving home - thumbnail includes two images of adorable kitten sleeping and being kissed
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PiggiesMama says: "This is our guinea pig, Buttercup, in mid-nom. I don't think there's anything cuter than GP lip! OK, maybe there is, but this is definitely near the top of the cute and funny list."

Peeg lip really is an adorably hilarious thing! Thanks for letting Buttercup show off such a winning smile, PiggiesMama!

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