lion mane


Fierce Cats And Kittens Wearing Lion Manes

How can we ever truly be sure that cats are related to the those big fluffy scary lions? Well, put a lion mane on a cat obviously. That's all the proof you'll ever need. It's enough to just look at cats wearing lion manes to be 100% sure that duh- of course they're related to lions. 

Maybe you'd expect cats to look more fierce with lion manes on, but alas, they still look just as adorable. Then again, lions themselves are also adorable, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised. We wonder if cats feel more fierce when they look more like their lion relatives, if they sense some sort of kinship to lions when you put the mane on them. Sigh gonna have to write that question down with the rest of them for when we finally have a cat translator. 

pictures of cats and kittens wearing lion manes thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with its mouth open wearing a lion mane and a cat with a lion mane on standing tall and looking proud
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