kukar tihar


There's A Festival In Nepal Where They Spend The Day Worshipping Dogs And We're In Love

Kukur Tihar is our new favorite holiday! Kukar Tihar translates to the worship of dogs. Once a year in Nepal, all Nepalese dogs (home-owned and stray) receive a royal treatment! In Hindu religion, the dog is a sacred animal and are the animals that accompany us on our way to heaven -- so once a year the Nepalese dedicate a day to mankind's most loyal friend and guardian. 

During the festival, each dog gets a flower garland called a "malla" placed around their neck and their forehead is painted with a red-colored powder called "talik" or "tikka". This mark symbolizes their sacredness. 

Of course, the best part -- the feast! Various goodies ranging from cookies and fruits to cheese, meat and high-quality dog food.

And that's not all! All dogs, home-owned, stray, and police dogs then partake in a special march that marks the occasion. 

Enjoy some pictures below of the best day in Nepal!

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