Owner Tries To Euthanized His Overweight Golden Retriever, Now The Dog Has A New Home And Lost Over 100lbs!

Shame on this dogs previous owner for trying to get the vets to put him down -- just because he was overweight! Truly disgusting.

Thankfully, when the previous owner brought the golden retriever, named Kai, to the vet, the vet immediately contacted the Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue, which helped put Pam Heggie together with Kai. Their goal was to help Kai lose that dangerous weight and find him a home where Kai would be given the TLC he so clearly deserves.  

Heggie, his new foster mother, has told Good Morning America that she didn't know much about Kai and his past, but knew he needed help. The vet told Heggie that Kai was the most overweight animal she has ever seen, and that "anything you do is gonna help that dog."

Kai first weighed a whopping 172 pounds before Heggie stepped in and helped him lose more than half of his body weight!

golden retriever dog overweight finds new home
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