This Journalist Visited The Cat Village In Taiwan And Shared Some Pawsome Stories And Photos

Journalist and activist Kirsten Han (@kixes) shines a light on a small village near Taipei that's known for having hundreds of cats roaming the streets. OK, we are all ready to go! 

What do you call a dishonest lion?

A lyin' cub.

What was once a coal town producing over 200,000 tons of coal a year, has been transformed into a refuge for the feline persuasion, and an international tourist attraction with the accompanying overpriced cafes. Through warmhearted people, cats are brought from all over, and safely integrated into the village, while ensuring they are healthy and spayed to keep the population under control. Amazing what a little ingenuity can do to revive a dying town. 

But if these cats weren't enough for you, and you need a dose of laughs after some wholesome content, these hilarious vixens will have you on the floor laughing.

photos of 3 cats in the streets
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