Friendly Neighborhood Dog Shows Up For Treats From Airbnb Occupants (Tweets)

This is so precious! We absolutely adore it when Airbnbs come with a surprise furry guest! Twitter user, @raycont, was staying at an Airbnb that had left them a note on the counter about Josie. 

Josie is the friendly neighbor pup! She is 15 years young and loves to pop on over for visits! The note was right beside a big ole' jar of treats for Josie and tells any guests to not be afraid of her, she is very gentle. 

Well, as note instructed, Josie did stop by! Twitter user @raycont documented the visit and shared it on Twitter, where it went viral with over 250k likes and 33k shares. 

Who wouldn't want to stay at this Airbnb and have a chance to meet the lovely Josie?! 

dog neighbor friendly airbnb dogs animals aww pets cute tweets funny lol twitter | @raycont_ Airbnb staying at left note about neighborhood dog and look who pulled up today Josie WELCOME 10:07 PM Jun 29, 2020 Twitter iPhone
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