Strawberry Squid Looks Marvelously Bedazzled

The images below were taken the ultra-talented underwater photographer Paul Caiger.

Known as the Strawberry Squid, this is one bejeweled beauty! Its body looks as if there are jewels covering it, therefore it is also known as the reverse jewel squid. Sampled from the ocean twilight zone, they explain that this mysterious ocean dweller can be found between "the sunlit surface layer and extending down to about 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) deep." 

"The strawberry squid is a source of food for many of the large apex predators–such as sperm whales and Risso's dolphins–that dive down into the twilight zone to feed. "

Paul Caigar's Strawberry Squid image won the most-liked Instagram photo and crowned top "Instastar" from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's best of 2019.

(Photos by Paul Caiger, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

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Yes Guinan, this species does carry their "jewels" rather high and they ARE exceptionaly large.

(Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Stewart)