international rabbit day


Celebrating International Rabbit Day With Memes And Tweets

Happy International Rabbit Day! Usually celebrated on the last Saturday or Sunday of September, International Rabbit Day is about celebrating rabbits in all their cuteness, and celebrating all the joy they provide for this world! And, of course, to educate people on the protection and care of both domestic and wild rabbits

Did you know that there are more than 30 species of rabbits around the world? Oh, you did? Then how about this odd fact, baby rabbits aren't called bunnies, they're actually called kittens of kits! How strange is that? 

For those who need a low maintenance pet, rabbits are wonderful. They're even more independent than cats, don't make too much noise, easy to housetrain, and can bond well with their humans. 

This one goes out to all you buns lovers out there!  Hop right into this rabbit-loving gallery: 

cute and funny rabbit memes for international rabbit day - thumbnail includes two images of of rabbit removing middle jenga piece and one of a rabbit licking around rabbit | about self sabotage my life again | aimce: bringmoreknives: why he lick shhh clean
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