Catipilla Is The Innovative New Way To Build a Cat Tree That Blends Seamlessly Into Your Home

Catipilla is a new innovative cat product you should definitely learn more about. 

It was inspired by Smudge, an 18-year-old house cat who was struggling to clamber into a ground floor window. Her owners, The Sutton Family, sort out a creative solution to help her get in and out home after refusing to drill holes in their door for a cat flap. From wood and nails, the first Catipilla concept was born. The wooden platforms have since evolved into a durable, wall-mounted structure that encou- rages cats to climb naturally while saving space in the home. The Catipilla Pro and the Catipilla Mini feature high-quality, UK-manufactured pillars and adjustable tread plates that can be tailo- red to every cat's needs. Catipilla's range also includes an adjustable high plate and cat ham- mock, perfect for bird watching and catnaps. Catipilla can be used both indoors and outdoors and its array of health benefits make it the perfect fit for every cat.

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