Japanese Inn Allows Sleepovers With Cats To Encourage Adoption

This is the greatest idea ever!

If you've always wanted a cat, and just wasn't sure about what living and sleeping with a cat would be like, this one Japanese Inn located in the hot spring town of Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan might be the answer to your questions! My Cat Yugawara, a lovely inn that has a really unique offering... the chance of having a sleepover trial with a potential adoptee! 

In Japan, inns are known as 'ryokans,' and you'll be able to distinguish a ryokan from any common inn, a ryokan has more a minimalist design, futons for sleeping on a mat on the floor, traditionally paper walls, and communal baths (in this case, hot springs as well). What truly sets this inn apart from others is the opportunity to help cats find a forever home. Potential cat owners, who are unsure about living with a cat due to various living conditions, can really have their eyes opened by booking a room with a cuddly and adorable feline. Some rooms at the inn can house up to five people, letting a whole family experience a day in the life of having a cat. 

inn that offers sleepover with cats for potential future cat owners - thumbnail of inn and cats
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