Artist Creates Imaginative And Incredible Mushroom Dragons

We can't decide if we'd rather see these incredible re-imagined mushroom dragons in the next Pokemon, Monster Hunter, or Dark Souls! 

The extremely talented artist behind the brilliant re-imagination of dragons as mushrooms is Xavier Collette! Xavier Collette was originally born in Belgium and has been living in Brittany, France, for the past decade.

Xavier currently works as an illustrator in many creative and artistic fields! Such as comics, children's books, board games, and concept art. We got a chance to speak with Xavier and discover the inspiration behind his captivating art and the answer was simplistic. Xavier simply wrote, "I like to create worlds." Worlds that involve fantasy and mythological creatures such as fairies, dragons, and more! There is so much imagination to explore when fantasy is your world! 

Follow Xavier Collette on Twitter and Instagram to see more of this artist's incredible artwork! 

art creates incredible mushroom dragons - thumbnail of two mushroom dragons | Shiitake Fig.3 (Lentinula edodes MushroomSmaugust Coliandre | Bolet Fig.1 (boletus depilatus MushroomSmaugust Coliandre
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