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'ICanHas StoryTime' Users Share The Best 'If I Fits, I Sits' Images

If you haven't heard about our newest Facebook page, 'ICanHas StoryTime,' you're missing out! No worries though, we can tell you all about it right here and right now! We have recently opened up a new Facebook page for our amazing animal-loving community to share their stories! So many beautiful and funny stories all from our very own users! 

So, if you've got a precious pet you'd like to share and/or their story, be sure to follow us on Facebook! 

Recently, we asked our newest community users to send us photos of their pets and their best "If I Fits, I Sits," and all the responses were so heckin' cute, we decided to share them all! 

icanhas storytime users share pics of their pets and their best "if i fits, i sits" pics - thumbnail of cat in bag Nicolette Van Den Heever There is not plastic bag Scout doesn't love. Another bag he can't resist
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