Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Paintings Of Fish, Insects, Reptiles And Snails

Meet Young-sung Kim, the extraordinary artist from Seoul, Korea, that is about to take your senses on a magic ride! Kim creates insane hyperrealistic pictures that look way too real for the mind to even comprehend that it's just a painting! 

His paintings, oil on canvas, look more realistic than actual photographs!

The Insider interviewed Kim on his process of what he calls, "an advanced, extreme hyperrealism that precedes any reality — more real than photographs and high-definition monitors." 

He continued describing the process and how planning each new piece involves, "collecting small animals, taking photographs, preparing a canvas, sketching, drawing, and painting with small brushes."

Kim also informed the Insider that he works 12 hours per day on creating these masterpieces.It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 months to complete one painting. 

Since Kim was a small child, he's been "collecting, observing, and studying .. I was amazed at the detail and the subtle colors that I saw in my work, just as I looked through a microscope." 

Why hyperrealism? Kim explains, "I have chosen my genre as hyperrealism because people in today's society think of animals and nature as methods of ornament, experiment, and edibility, My genre may be able to make the people think twice about the unintentionally abusive nature of their behavior towards animals and nature."

"Let's take care of small animals," Kim said. "If they cannot live, humans cannot live either."

We completely agree, Kim! Keep creating and loving life! 

Via The Insider

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