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15 Lemur Memes That Will Make Your Wednesday So much Better

Lemurs. They are pretty interesting... Did you know their society is run by the females of the group? They push male counterparts out of prime sleep spots, take their food, and even smack them, sound familiar? (The answer should be no...)

But enough interesting trivia about these creatures, if you can't enjoy memes about these priceless primates, they're is no hope for you, enjoy exploring Dante's circles.

Need more than just lemurs to get through Hump Day? Fear not !

We have just the thing for you: even more funny Wednesday memes, these 42 Memes To Improve Your Wednesday might be do the trick or these 32 Humpday Memes might be more of what you are looking fore. It really is a personal choice, just like how you spend you Wednesdays looking at memes instead of getting any work done. 

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