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A New Hotel Offers Themed Rooms Designed By The Owner Of Insta -Famous Shibu Inn, Maru

Maru the shiba inu is described as the most famous shiba in the world. This adorable Japanese breed have become such an attraction to Japanophiles, there's even shiba inu cafes around the country where you can play with these cute dogs for a fee. Considering the amount of shiba inu fans coming to Japan, these themed hotel rooms in Kyoto make perfect sense. The newly open hotel is called Marugott and contains rooms produced by Maru's owner, Shinjiro Ono. We're talking shiba inu beds, shiba inu cushions, shiba inu walls, shiba inu closets, shiba inu everything! Sadly, Maru himself won't be resident in the hotel, but guests should be content with seeing his likeness massively blown up and plastered all over the wall. 

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