The Circus In Germany Is Using Holograms Instead Of Real Animals To Stop The Animal Abuse

Welcome to the circus of the future! When it comes to the circus, animal abuse has always been a major problem. However, Circus Roncalli, a German circus founded in 1976, is making a change for the better, and they don't even need to rid themselves of the entire circus to do so! Thanks to Bluebox, who successfully installed 11x ZU850 Optoma models and 11x BX-CTA03 lenses, the circus can now offer stunning and action-filled performances involving animals without actually having any. It's a complete win-win situation: visitors get to enjoy the sight of the animals, the circus can live on, and real animals can be left alone! See some of the spectacular images and video of the circus of the future below.

Via The Science News Reporter

animal friendly circus in German
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