Cat Thieves Stealing Food Caught Red Handed

Okay, so cats do sleep most day and yeah, a lot of times, it's hard to get them to do... anything really. But! When they're not sleeping, when they get that random five minute boost of energy in the middle of the night, when the zoomies start and things are falling, they sure do know how to be insanely entertaining

Cats are sneaky little creatures who, even while trying to be little hooligans, manage to be the funniest little beings. So, yeah, maybe they do steal our stuff and drop things off our shelves, but at least when you manage to catch a picture of it, you're infinitely entertained. 

pictures of cats caught stealing humans' food thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat peeking over a table trying to grab someone's sandwich and another of a cat's paw grabbing someone's cookie
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