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Wholesome "Hey Buddy Comics" Are Always A Delight

You all are in for a super delightful treat! It doesn't get more wholesome and adorable than "Hey Buddy Comics," and we've rounded up 25 comics from this past year that are not only wholesome but really uplifting. 

"Hey Buddy Comics," is created by the combined talented forces of the James, the writer, and an artist that goes by the initial "K." We had the chance to speak to James about the process of 'Hey Buddy Comics,' and how they uncover a plethora of wholesome ideas for comics.

"I have been writing short dialogues about my dog since he was a puppy. The intense affection I felt for this creature I could not communicate with inspired me to imagine the conversations we would have if I could. Recently I realized that the huge collection of stuff I had written might actually entertain other people. The problem was they were kind of boring to look at in text form, they needed to be brought to life, to have the same energy and verve as my actual dog," said James.

So, James teamed up with the artist "K" and "Hey Buddy Comics" was born! Get ready to have your heart flooded with some major aww's!

wholesome and uplifting comics by "Hey Buddy Comics" - thumbnail of comic where cat wont cuddle with human and dog until they're both asleep | NEVER GIVE US GIVE US HUG HUG! NEVER! NEVER! HEYBUDDYCOMICS.COM FINALLY, THEY'RE ASLEEP HEY BUDDY COMICS 09#
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