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Wildlife Photographer Photographs A Mouse Rescued From A Cat's Mouth (17 Beautiful Pics)

Meet Hannah Assil, wildlife photographer extraordinaire! As a biologists daughter, her path was clear, she was a bird and wildlife addict from the very start. And while her main focus is on birds, she couldn't help taking some pics of little Fridolin! Hannah gave a little insight to Fridolin's back story, "Fridolin didn't have the start a little mouse could wish for. Before he was even able to open his eyes, he and his mother found themselves in the mouth of a cat." And unfortunately, the mom didn't survive, but as luck would have it, little Fridolin was dropped by the cat and scooped up by a kid who witnessed the act. Thanks to that small act of kindness, Hannah Assil continues, "Fridolin grew fast and made the best of his second chance at life."

"I want people to focus on the beauty of our world in all of its aspects. Especially in times like these, where nature gets destroyed and extinctions of biological species happens, it's important to evoke the passion for nature in the hearts of humans," she told ICanHasCheezburger and some good solid advice, "Be like Fridolin: Enjoy the little things in life and take some time to smell the flowers."

If you're interested in learning more about Hannah Assil or want to purchase any prints, all info can be found on her website (it is in German but that's what 'Google Translate' is for)! Or follow her on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your art with the world! Hannah was able to take photos of little Fridolin twice, and the results were pure magic. See the beautiful photos below:

mouse rescued from a cat pics
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