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Gli, Famous Hagia Sophia Cat, Has Passed Away

Gli, a 16-year-old celebrity cat, has sadly passed away. 

In 2004, a Turkish European shorthair cat with crossed-eyes was born in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. Gli had seen become a known figure around Hagia Sophia, and an internet celebrity by grabbing the attention of visiting tourists.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced on his social media account that Gli was being treated in a private veterinary clinic since September 24th. Unfortunately, Gli had recently passed due to old age. Hagia Sophia is in mourning and remembering the amazing life of Gli, the cat who seemingly touched all those who were fortunate enough to meet or see Gli. 

"We will never forget you, Gli," Yerlikaya wrote on Saturday. Gli, the world-famous feline is now part of the iconic mosque's history forever. 

Rest in peace, Gli. We will be missed. See more images and tributes to Gli on Instagram

famous cat known as the hagia sophia cat has passed away at age 16 - thumbnail of gli the famous cat of hagia sophia
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