grooming with a toothbrush


Cats Being Groomed With Toothbrushes

Apparently, there's a theory that being groomed with a toothbrush reminds cats - kittens and older cats alike - of the way that their mothers groomed them when they were babies. The internet put it to the test, and... it seems like the theory is accurate. 

So, take a look at these videos and pictures of cats enjoying this strange activity. Some are hesitant at first, but all seem to warm up to it after a few tries at most. Incredibly, even the ones that really don't like being petted regularly take to it. Try it too if you have a cat. I know that I will. Maybe your cat will react in the same way. For more animal cuteness, we have some tiny baby dik-diks that'll just melt your heart.

pictures and videos of cats being groomed with toothbrushes reminds them of their mother thumbnail includes two pictures of cats being brushed with toothbrushes 'Cat - Not Your Daddy C @talltopgirl If you're having a bad day, here's my cat being brushed with a toothbrush'
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