Grandpa-To-Be Demonstrates Bathing A Baby By Using A Cat

This is so adorable and we're amazed at how incredibly zen this cat is! If only all cats were this chill...

A Vietnamese grandpa-to-be whose video of demonstrating bathing a baby is going viral! A creative video, taken by Vinh Quang Phạm, and shared on Facebook, shows how to hold and position a baby for a bath while using what we're now believing to be the most relaxed cat of all time. The cat in the video is so at peace while being held like an infant and gently placed in an empty basin, it's almost as if the cat understands the role it's been given. The cat stays still and obedient for more than 2 minutes as it received free rubs. 

This video is so precious and helpful, we're sure his son will be a natural father, and if not, there's always grandpa who has purrfected his baby-bathing technique! You can see more videos of this adorable cat on TikTik!

grandpa-to-be demonstrates how to bathe a baby while using a cat - thumbnail of grandpa-to-be pretend bathing a baby while using a cat
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