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Dog Photobombs High School Graduation And "Waters" The Plants During Class Photo

Graduating is a moment that you'll forever remember, and a lucky class of 2019 will especially remember this day as it included a party crasher. The students of Horseshoe Bend High School, Alabama, had a surprise guest join their class photo -- Charlie. Charlie is a pup that belongs to student Logan Walls, of the class of 2019, and apparently, the school is one of Charlie's favorite places to visit and does so quite often. So, when Charlie appeared at the school, no one thought anything of it. That is until it was impossible not to notice him. 

It was there in front of a crowd of gatherers that Charlie decided to unload himself. And with no trees in sight, Charlie decided on the next best thing, which just happened to be a potted fern - right next to a table that was adorned with the high school's colors and logo. Oy vey. 

Logan's aunt explained in a post on Facebook, "They live right down the road from the school and Charlie (the dog) is at the school almost every day. He just loves being around people and is the sweetest dog."

The whole incident was luckily caught on video by attendees and the photo is absolutely priceless, especially with Logan himself facepalming in the background.

Story via BGR

This will definitely be a day to remember. Take a look at the incredible photobomb below, along with other good bois who graduated the top of their class with flying colors!

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