gangster cats


Most Intimidating Fluffy Gangster Cats (memes)

Do you ever catch your cat staring at you from behind a door or a corner in the hallway and think "if I weren't feeding it, it probably would eat me"? Yeah... we do too. They can just be so intimidating sometimes with all their endless staring, infinite patience, the crouching, the irises widening, ready to strike, just like their big cat relatives would do in the wild, the way they try their best to catch a fly and totally miss. 

Okay, maybe not that last one. Because we know, in our hearts, that cats are nothing but fluffy fluff balls who need you to feed them, clean their poop, and pet them. They need us and love us and are (almost) always soft with us. But that look in their eyes that they get that makes you think you need to pay them their money or they'll bite you makes them some of the funniest material for gangster cat memes. 

pictures and memes of gangster cats thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a cat laughing then bellow it the same cat with a serious facial expression saying 'no' 'Cat - НАНАНА NO.' and another of a fog holding a cat back 'Cat - Chill Chill he ain't worth it, you on probation son'
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