funny squirrel


Squirrel Reaching Into the Air Sparks Photoshop Battle

It all starts with a photo. 

A photo that some can make into funny animal memes, or possibly can be made into a fun photoshop battle! 

This time around it was an adorable squirrel reaching high above in an (if you're asking us) awkward position. So obviously... it became photoshop battle worthy! Thanks to the subreddit /r/Psphotoshopbattles, we can find some pretty epic and funny photos being transformed into well, whatever they want really! We mean did you see the epic photos @koty_vezde makes as she photoshops cat faces onto, any other animal!?

Well, in the meantime scroll on down for a pretty good laugh! 


two funny photos side by side of a squirrel reaching for something in an awkward stance and on the right the same photo of the squirrel but taking the place of Spongebob squarepants in the Sweet Victory scene
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