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The Oldest Spider Has Died, And Twitter Users Want Some Answers

Number 16 (yes that actual name of the spider) didn't just pass away... but was murdered by a wasp!! Dun Dun Dun 

Number 16 wasn't just an old spider... it was precious to the research team at the University. So much so, that they gave a long statement in its honor... 

"To our knowledge, this is the oldest spider ever recorded, and her significant life has allowed us to further investigate the trapdoor spider's behavior and population dynamics," PhD student Leanda Mason said. "The research project was first initiated by Barbara York Main in 1974, who monitored the long-term spider population for over 42 years in the Central Wheatbelt region of Western Australia[...]Through Barbara's detailed research, we were able to determine that the extended lifespan of the trapdoor spider is due to their life-history traits, including how they live in uncleared, native bushland, their sedentary nature, and low metabolisms."

Number 16 died at a whopping age of 43... and would have lived longer if not for the wasp attack. Making many people scratch their heads and ask... Wait... how long can a spider live!?

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