funny fish memes


Fintastic Sofishicated Fish Memes

We share a lot of animal-related memes. A lot. 

What we don't often feature are fish memes! Why you might ask? Fish are animals, too. Truthfully, there aren't too many of them floating around but every so often, we manage to dive deep and scrap up some ocean dwellers! 

This is a small, yet humble, shoal of fish memes, with a few crustacean memes to spice it up a bit. Besides, who doesn't love shellfish? 

Enjoy this scaly gathering of memes! 

variety of fish and crustacean memes - thumbnail includes two images one of a fish separated from group of fish "what did he do" and there are plenty of fish in the sea meme | Don't worry, there are plenty fish sea Fish Sea fish fish swimming away from a shark
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