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Tom & Jerry Memes To Celebrate 80 Years Of Cat Vs. Mouse

The famous lovable duo turned 80 this week and we are here with their funniest memes. 

The plot was simple: a cat, sick of the annoying mouse living in his home, devises a plot to take him out with a trap loaded with cheese. The mouse, too wise to his plan, safely removes the snack and goes away with a full belly. At first, they were called Jasper and Jinx and only later became Tom & Jerry. The slapstick violence, dark comedy and rich hand-drawn animation, the cartoon became an instant hit, helping the producers win seven Academy Awards and cameos in Hollywood feature films. Up till today, Tom & Jerry remains extremely popular around the world and it can be found on children's television everywhere from Japan to Pakistan and even in a new mobile phone game who has more than 100m users in China.

Funny Tom & Jerry memes | tom the cat sitting in a green chair and looking up suspiciously from his newspaper My mom on her phone course my son can come over and fix pipe minding my own bussiness :
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