funny bird memes


Intense Bird Memes To Ruffle Some Feathers (40 Memes)

We love to take a shot of birbon whenever we can, and it's been too long since we last had! Birb memes are memes we can always count on to deliver the laughs, the intensity, and just all-around-insanity. Who knew bird memes would become as incredible as they are? When it comes to animal memes, bird memes definitely rank in our top 5. 

Birds are wild, crazy, lawless creatures who don't take sh*t from anyone. That's probably why their memes sometimes deliver the best content. When you're feeling down and need a good laugh, you can always count on the birbs

Get ready to get those feathers ruffled, folks, here come the birbs!

funny and intense bird memes - thumbnail of two birb memes one of a bird with spread feet on two cushions "both seats are occupied" and one of a pigeon wearing bread around its neck "a symbol of wealth amongst the pigeon community"
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