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Artist Creates Memorable 'Poorly Drawn Cats' (Tweets)

We love poorly drawn cats just as much as we love really detailed and incredible drawings of cats. The importance of a cat drawing doesn't lie in detail, it lies in its movement and expression. If you can look at a simple and 'poorly' drawn cat and see a cat, then you have succeeded. 

The artist behind these simplicity amazing drawings is Heloísa Nora, from Brazil, who really enjoys drawing cats. In fact, Helosia loves drawing cats so much, that a book by the artist titled "Reasons Why My Cat Is Mad" is finally available for purchase! 

Heloisa first joined Twitter with the 'Poorly Drawn Cats' account back in 2016 and has since gained a following of 407k! The poorly drawn cats are so popular, many Twitter users ask Heloisa to draw their beloved furbaby for $20. And some users love the drawings so much they get it as a tattoo! 

funny and cute poorly drawn cat drawings - thumbnail of cat shaped like a square and a drawing of a square with a mouth
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