World Cow Project Asks Street Artists Around The World To Paint Cows As a Message Of Unity

World Cow is a dream where everyone in the world puts aside their differences and works together towards a brighter future.

In the beginning, Vermont artist DJ Barry and his wife, Cindy, were taking a scenic ride in Vermont when they came across a beautiful Holstein cow grazing by the side of the road. They stopped for a photo, which later inspired Cows For A Cause; a fundraiser for local nonprofits. 50%-100% of all artwork sales were donated to charity.

World Cow evolved from Cows For A Cause. The spots became the map of the world:" By doing our part to make the world a better place, we're creating a culture that promotes kindness and paying it forward", it says on their home page.  

Here are some of world cows. What a lovely idea! 

street artists paint cows around the world as a message of unity | hashtag WORLDCOW black and white graffiti of a cow on a road near a pavement
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