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Chipmunks With Stuffed Cheeks

Hungry? Well, these chipmunks sure aren't, not when their cheeks are so stuffed they look like they might just explode. These little creatures' cheek pouches can hold an amount of food three times the size of their head. Yeah! We kind of wish we could do that too. That way, we'd always have a snack within our reach or... within our cheeks. 

It's hard not to look at these and find them absolutely adorable. Small beings with huuuge cheeks that look particularly pinch-able. Don't get too close though, they're very protective of their chubby food-stuffed cheeks, and they will bite you. They'd still be cute - obviously - but your finger will hurt.

pictures of chipmunks with full cheeks thumbnail includes two pictures of chipmunks with full chubby cheeks eating sunflowers 'Squirrel - Harry Foster @harry_fosters Harry look, I can't fit another sunflower seed in my cheeks. O #chipmunk #sunflower Charryfoster >'
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