Toad-ally Ridiculous Froggo Memes

It's kind of weird when you leave a meme list learning something new. For example, we had no idea an army of frogs is in fact called an "army".

Amphibians are interesting creatures, they can be found almost anywhere in the world! Except Antarctica due to it being insanely freezing. Good call on that one, froggos of the world. These interesting gloobs of green goo deserve a spotlight every now and then. 

And we're here to give it to them! Please, everyone, give our green friends some of your attention. It would mean a lot to them. 

weird cute and funny frog memes | reconcicle there are five frogs staring at right now adambloghart but only one can be america's next top model | turn back @fragilefrogs before 's too late. ominous frog with glowing eyes
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