frog prince


"The Frog Prince:" The Untold Story (Comic)

You've probably heard of the classic saying that if you kiss a frog, it may just turn into your prince charming. But... what if you don't really care about prince charming or finding true love? What if you don't need any man and would much rather have a plate of your all-time favorite meal? What if food was your one and only true love? That's what we'd imagine a cat's wish would be, anyway. 

In collaboration with popular Israeli artist, Ilana Zeffren, we discover the unheard version of the classic tale of the 'The Frog Prince,' one which features a cat as the main protagonist. 

And if you want more cat enjoyment, be sure to check out last week's installment of the very difficult decisions and the perfectionism that comes with being a cat. 

cat kisses a frog and instead of turning into a prince, the frog turns into a bowl of food - thumbnail of cat kissing frog
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