fluffy tail


Majestic Cats With The Fluffiest Tails

There's something about super fluffy cats... a majestic aura that is absolutely undeniable. And you can tell that they feel that power too. The way they walk is full of pride, their floofy tails held up high. They recognize that they are the rulers of that space, and we agree. 

Just running your fingers through the fluff on that tail feels like getting to touch something magical, and some cats' tails are fluffier and more majestic than most. All that said, those cats sure do leave a lot of fur all over the place. That's okay though, we forgive them. We wear that fur on our clothes with pride. 

pictures of cats with huge fluffy tails thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a huge fluffy tail looking out of a window and a cat with a huge fluffy tail lying in grass
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