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Cats Pretending To Be The Prettiest Flowers In The Garden (30 Pics)

Funny Cats are beautiful. Like beautiful flowers. 

So it makes purrrfect sense that two beautiful things can merge into one...or more realistically...

Cats probably got jealous of all the attention that flowers were getting from their hooman, so they casually just decided to become well... the prettiest flowers in the garden!

Here's how to take care of your Flower Cat:

1. They require very little water. (just leave a bowl nearby)

2. It's very impurrtant to shower it with lots of love and tell it that they are the prettiest in the garden!

3. Shines and grows best with sunlight

So much wholesome goodness treats!

an adorable orange giner cat sleeping in a small flower pot - cover photo for a list on cats that believe they are flowers but aren't but they are still too cute
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